If incense has to do with heaven and it has a voice, we heard it in Trefoldighetskirken Monday evening. We who were present exposed ourselves to an almost ethereal choir sound, bound in clear firm shapes and where the single voices’ sound slipped seamlessly into each other, one relieving the other. Choir singing of the crisp and clean kind with sounds of self supporting abilities. A kind of cloud’s light clarity.

Olav Egil Aune, Vårt Land, 26/03/2014

The evening in Trefoldighetskirken evolved around the german-austrian tradition – from Johannes Brahms and Robert Schumann to the post-Schönberg generation, and the choir set history in motion on their wanderings lead by conductor Ulrike Grosch – with focused sound and intonation, irreproachable pronunciation and vibrant phrasing – where the journey between the romantic Schumann and the stringent modernist Webern seemed totally natural with Hugo Wolf’s concise tone poem in between.

As natural - and strong - the concert culminated in Schönberg’s Friede auf Erden, sadly still a very valid prayer.

Astrid Kvalbein, Aftenposten, 27/03/2014